Q:     During registration on Android, I cannot change the year field for date of birth.
A:     It is located on the top left by simply tapping the year xxxx.
Q:     Can I become a broadcaster? Is there any requirement?
A:     You must be 18 years or older. Simply register and go live. You must not lie about your age, else your account will be suspended.
Q:     How do I go live?
A:     You can go live by pressing the camera icon on the top left corner of the homepage, or the top right hand corner of the Live menu page.
Q:     Can I go live on any category which I want?
A:     Yes.
Q:     How to do Audio broadcasting?
A:     Before you go live, on the preview screen you have the option at the bottom to switch to audio broadcasting.
Q:     Do I need a very good internet to go live?
A:     Quite true, but as long as you have 4G or above, it should work. 3G will also work, but it may be unstable. However, the quality of your streaming is depending heavily on your internet speed, the faster your internet, the better the quality you provide to your audience. So for a good user experience, you should have a good, stable internet to go live.
Q:     How to report an abusive/objectionable post?
A:     There is a report button on the right side of each post which has the option to report.
Q:     How to report a broadcaster?
A:     During the live show, you can click on the broadcaster’s profile, it has the option to report.